QBDC – Rules Amendments

Hello ! You Auto Guyz !

How’s your day been so, far? Good? Now let’s ride together towards making it the best.

It’s been an extraordinary voyage to Quad Bike Design Challenge, popularly known as QBDC. Learning to be at top most priority FMAE has been touching skies in the field of student education crosswise India.
QBDC is not just name of an event, either it’s a competition rather it’s platform accorded by FMAE with a motive of learning, knowledge sharing, adventure, improvements, expose in the field of engineering and technology.

Taking an early step and moving forward, we have launched Quad Bike Design Challenge Season-4. We always strive to optimize the guidelines in the rulebook, which can guide students in a better way to learn and provide a better competitive environment during the event. In the process of improving the rulebook, we have made few modifications. Continue reading the points mentioned below to know more about the modifications in the season-4 rulebook.


  1. Chapter-1, Point No. 2.10: Forming a team to participate in QBDC Season-4 doesn’t require to possess members from 1styear but the team must possess at least 5 students from 2ndyear or 3rdyear or from both.
  2. Chapter-2, Point No. 4: Right to impound policy has been made more stringent to ensure the healthy competition among the participants of QBDC.
  3. Chapter-5: The rule to mark the physical point of Static COG on the vehicle has been eliminated.
  4. Chapter 5: Compulsory rule to install the reverse light and reverse alarm in case the Quad bike equipped with reverse gear has been removed.

With no time left for the 3rd Season to hit the deck. We would like to bring in your notice the upcoming improvements and modifications in the rulebook, which have been made after deep seated observation and long discussions.  The changes are listed below: –

  • Braking system: – Defined braking profile and the arrangements has been removed, now the teams are free to use any combination for effective and efficient braking.
  • SES Sheet: – Submission of SES sheet is introducing for more optimize design, better material selection and weight reduction.
  • Brake Qualifying criteria: – Now to qualify the brakes, the Quad must either achieve all Four-wheel locking condition or it must stop in defined safe distance.
  • Hydration Pack: – it’s not just about fighting for winning the competition, it’s health and safety at the top most priority. So, it’s been observed that driver’s do not take a proper schedule hydration at the time of endurance test and generally get de-hydrated. Organizers have decided to make it compulsory from now on.
  • Scoring: – So, its scoring at the end of the day that matter’s. Scoring for sales presentation and design evaluation is now been increased from 60 to 100 each.
  • Penalties for late submission: – Penalties has been introduced in the rulebook for your reference.
  • Engine: – The engines will be provided by the organizer at very affordable charges, further all the team are supposed to use the same engine. Moreover, teams are also required to pay the shipment and packing charges at their required location.
  • The engine will be LIFAN 250. Those teams who already have the same engine need not buy again. They are allowed to use it.
  • Prize Money:- To compensate all your hard work, the prize money has been increased by the organizers to 2.5 Lakhs. Which will be further segregated in several categories.


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